Weekend Update

Well, a little more than the weekend, but I can’t think of anything witty right now 😛

Thursday the gang and I saw Batman.
It was awesome.

The Joker was as sick and twisted as he should always have been. Jack did a decent job sure, but Heath owned that role.
So much so that he drew all the attention from Batman, which is probably the point.
And I liked how they dealt with Two-Face. It wasn’t a battle royal like SpiderMan3, it was done in such a way that having two villains on screen made sense.
When you see it you’ll understand 🙂

Friday was pizza and…can’t remember.
Oh yea, prepping the church doors and windows for painting. Knew there was something else.

Saturday was spent running errands. I got some track pants and proper shoes for walking.
Then we had dinner with friends of Tara’s from University and watched some decent comedy.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day. Went to Walmart to get fabric for various things, then the fabric had goop on it and we didn’t get any.

Tried a few times to see my gran, but she was sleeping.
I should check with my folks as to when the best time might be, but it could still be hit and miss.

And now it’s Monday.
Not sure what to do today.
I should clean the home office, and properly organize it.
Mind you, that could be a life long task 🙂

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