Weekend Update

Saturday was mostly a day of painting.
Sure, we started the day early with some shopping and whatnot, but it was mostly spent painting at the church.
But it’s done now. Well, the painting part it done.
We have to go back and spend about 20 minutes just fixing the odd little mistake, but it looks a hell of a lot better than it did before. And that’s good.

Sunday was little project day. I finished the signs for the garage sale. Tara was doing some placemats, and the dog was annoying the cat.

During the week Shayne and his clan were up and visiting. The dog was happy 🙂
So was I for that matter.
They visited a couple of water parks and generally just did fun family summer stuff.
We played a little Rockband,and I totally sucked on the drums for Run to the Hills, but I think that’s kinda expected. Then Shayne totally showed me up on drums, and I expected that as well 😛

Looking up weather for certain days in 2010 to see when we might get married.
It’s like an almanac, but not has helpful 🙂

This week, not sure what’s happening this week.
I’d really like to set up an Ubuntu Studio computer. I want to start making songs again.
I had such a good time making one for Tara that I’d like to continue that trend. Mind you, I suspect it’ll end up as a project that sounds cool to begin with, and then fizzles out.

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