Weekend Update

Saturday was the big old garage sale!
We started bright and early at 9am and moved a bunch of stuff out into the driveway.
It was stupid busy between 9 and 10:30, then stalled.
I got rid of a lot of books, although only one computer book; “Gotta learn bash sometime”. I agree.

All in all we made $105 so that’s not too bad. So good in fact that we didn’t bother setting up for Sunday.
Mind you, all the stuff is still sitting in the garage, so we might have to load the car up and make a trip to the sally-ann.

Sunday was spent sleeping in and getting grocery shopping done. This took a lot longer than we had planned and just had enough time to watch more Friday Night Lights and then head to the folks for dinner.

Along the way Tara noticed someone’s butt and the following happened:
T: I want her ass. Well, not in that way, but I want it.
B:Wha, huh?
T: Her ass, it’s great. Seriously, slow down and look at it.
Trap! Trap! Trap!
B: Uh, no, it’s too late.
T: Good boy.


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