Weekend Update

Lots happening this past weekend, or at least it seemed that way.

Had Simon over on Saturday, and that was a ton of fun 🙂

He tired us out rather easily though. Who knew two year olds had that much energy. His main concerns were the cat(Kitty Out, Kitty Up) and apples. Apples! You had to be there.

Joined a D&D group online. It’s a local group that hasn’t actually started playing yet though. That being said, I just got an email saying they want to have a one off on the 25th.

Might go for that, since it’s only one day. And all the characters are pre-written. Told this to Ben and he was interested in getting something together someday.

Since he’s in town more often than not, this could be a good thing. Kinda defeats the purpose of meeting new folk though 🙂

Sunday was lots of shopping while buying nothing. Not that it’s a bad thing, it does waste a dreary day.

And now it’s snowing, just great. Someone forgot to mention that it’s April!

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