Weekend Update

Just a little late, but no one’s really worried 🙂

Mostly quiet weekend. Picked myself up a brand new Lawn Mower from Canadian Tire.

It’s a little 14″ blade, but it’s not a big back yard, and the mower has a bag. All that for $100 isn’t bad at all.


So now there’s no excuse to not mow the yard. Also, we did a little bit of extra work back there like sorting out the garden area and Tara has been doing some bulb planting.

I think she really likes the idea of having a garden. I like it too as it get’s me out there doing stuff that I should have been doing ages ago.

Went and saw Monsters vs Aliens Saturday night. Jim and Steph were to join us, but Steph was ill. We almost didn’t go as Tara had a headache, and in hindsight it might have been a good idea to skip it altogether.

But we didn’t, and the movie wasn’t that great. I think I had my hopes set extra high as I heard a lot of great things about the movie.

Tara had to duck out during the last 15 minutes because she was coughing, and we left pretty quickly after that. Then she crashed, and hard.

I stayed up to catch up on Lost(which I’m still not up on) and then slept in the other bed as to not bug her.

Sunday was filled with some shopping(can’t remember what now though)  and then a quiet dinner as Tara still was feeling groggy. New meds just aren’t helping that at all.

Watched the new Dr. Who special(kewl) and the new Red Dwarf stuff(not as good).

It’s funny, with Red Dwarf they removed the laugh track, and now it just feels a little hollow. I know it’s odd, and I’ve never been a fan of it, but it feels wrong not having it.

Think I have the comment spam sorted, thanks to a plugin that’s included with WP. Should read these things 🙂

Other than that, I should just get back to work I guess….

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