Weekend Update

There was in fact a fair amount going on this weekend.
I think.
Well, let’s recap and find out for sure.

Friday and I went out for raw fish.
As always, this was good.
There we discussed many an important thing, and recalled amusing moments from our work lives.

Saturday started with breakfast with and then we went to all these dangerous comic book places in search of cool gifts.
I found some for myself, and was told that I was being counter-productive.
Not that I minded, I got stikfas ^_^

Saturday night I joined and his missus(?) to see The Pursuit of Happyness. It was a good movie.
A very “feel good” kind of movie, which is alright every now and then.

Sunday the dog threw up at 7am.
I have to start her food transition this morning(which I did) so hopefully she doesn’t throw up anymore.
The rest of Sunday was kind of a waste. I did brew two things of coffee, so I was rather awake, but I just didn’t do much with the day.
I watched BeerFest, and it was alright, just not great(much like all their other movies).
Had dinner with the folks, which is always good. Had some really good fish, I’ll have to snag the recipe from Mom.

Some of the in between time was spent playing Lego Star Wars. I think I’m hooked.

I only work two days this week.

For the Christmas break, other than a little bit of last minute shopping, I’m going to build a model.
This one in fact: HGUC Zaku III.

It doesn’t look to hard and it’s a nice looking kit. Something easy to break into before I tackle the Perfect Grade Zaku II.

I have to find a good hobby place in Ottawa though. I know of one good one, but I want to try some place else to see what they offer as well.

That, and I have some anime I want to watch. Lots of anime.
Far too much anime in fact. I should make Sundays Anime days. Or not, you know how it is…

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