Weekend Update

And it was a looooong weekend 🙂

Had Friday off as well and did some yard work. Tried to attack the massive weeds in the back yard (small trees really) and was saved by the ringtone from Tara. She mentioned that since it’s such a pain that we should just wait until they die and work from there.

Done and done! The grass was cut and that’s really all the time I wanted to spend outside. Wandered back in and tried to get us further along in Rock Band 2. Also borrowed Rock Band from Scott and found out that, yes, you can import your RB tracks into RB2, but it’ll cost you 400 Microsoft points. Which I think works out to $5US, which isn’t too bad I guess. But I don’t like Microsoft points, I wish they would just give me a dollar value and let me pay that. But nooooo. That’s too good for Microsoft. Guess I’ll deal with that another time.

Friday night was house painting. We got the last of the living room walls done and the main hallway trimmed before going to bed at 1:30am. Started at about 10, so that’s not too bad really.

I want to say that Saturday was a lazy ish day, but it wasn’t really. I just don’t recall exactly what we did. We didn’t paint. but I don’t recall our activites between waking up and going to a BBQ at Scott and Jenns. I’m sure if was important though 😉

The BBQ was a blast and we saw everyone there.  Including the babies, which I think there were three of. Borrowed RB from Scott at that time. And as always, we stated at the end that we should do it more often, but I know we won’t 🙁

People are busy, and that’s just a fact.

Sunday was more painting. And some Michaels. Tara bought supplies to make our boutineers. We’re going with fake because real stuff has this tendency to fall apart, and be 10 times as expensive 😉

Then there was more painting. The second coat on the hallway took no time at all so we were ambitious and started the kitchen. Because of the shape and nooks/crannies, it took a lot longer than I would have liked, but the first coat was on at 1:30am again. Seems we like night painting, it’s cooler that way. Tara made me some awesome pancakes just before bed and that helped us both sleep I think :0

Monday was a good sleep in for both of us, and we had a nice breakfast and then resumed painting. The goal was to have it done and then go to the hills. Again, because of various things, it took a lot longer than I had thought. But, we got it all done, including all the trim in the kitchen and hallway.

It looks fantastic. We have three shades going on, and it looks so much better than just white!

We showered and headed for the hills! We also brought the dog as she hadn’t gone for a walk that day. The hills, as always, were just breathtaking. There was a little colour change going on, but mostly still green. We then headed for the tallest lookout and watched the sun set.

During that time there was a little bit of a wedding shoot going on, and they really couldn’t have picked a better place and time. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the whole scene was just amazing.

Today is back to work, and we’re both dragging a little bit. But the work we put in on the weekend certainly shows and our house is really becoming a home 😀

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    Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    Glad to hear things are coming together!


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