Weekend Update

On training all week, and I found out that it’s all based on recordings of older classes.

This is interesting as there’s going to be lab work…and I have no lab. Oh well, there’s a meeting on it at 2 so we’ll see.

The weekend was sad. Tara’s mother jetted off home and Tara misses her mom. Other wise it was a partially crappy weekend as I was working most of it.

Well, not so much working the whole thing, but at least on call so I couldn’t actually go anywhere, which sucked. Tara and her mom bopped around town, and I was at home. Poopy.

Thursday was dress shopping day, and her, my mom, her mom and two of Tara’s friends went out to a couple of places to look at dresses.

I’m told that Tara picked one, but they could be pulling my leg.

However, on Saturday, Tara’s mom apparently found one that she really liked at a good price, which is great.

The entire week was spent with Tara’s mom, and it was a really good week. She reminded me how much I like tea and I really should be drinking it more often. Maybe I’ll make a tea time in the afternoon 🙂

So everything is good, and this week, while possibly a little dull work wise, will be helpful for me to be a better support dude, so that’s always good 🙂

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    Good stuff overall!

    I second tea.

    I rediscovered it due to coffee conspiring (and doing) nasty things to me.

    Now I drink lots of tea (though oddly, not Earl Grey… which you introduced me to… I should get some).

    I recommend Tetley Blueberry Green Tea, Tetley Warmth (Rooibos, Orange, Cinammon, etc.), and Tetley Rooibos for something a little different. Peppermint tea can be interesting on occassion too.

    I’m pretty much Red Rose / Twinings otherwise.

    [Oh, I still drink coffee, after a break, just a whole lot less.]


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