Weekend Update

Kept meaning to do this on the weekend, but whatever.

Friday: SLAYER!
It was loud and awesome. Yet one of the guitarists had a bad night. Seems someone forgot to turn his on.
As B was saying, maybe he pissed off the sound guy ^_^
The two opening acts(which was a little confusing) were alright. The first ones lead guitarist couldn’t solo to save his life. But it’s an up and coming group. And, they’re touring with Slayer which must be alright.
The second act, Unearth, was alright. Much better guitar work, even though one of them looked about 12. And they did beer bongs on stage. Cool? Naw, not really.
They would have had a great sound if not for the crap singer. But that’s another post.
Anyway, both Doug and I enjoyed the evening. And then had pizza. All good.

Saturday: Took the little lady to see When the Reaper Calls at the local theatre.
For a small theatre, they had door men and car door men. Very swanky.
The place itself is a little small, but no bad seats in the place. And for $15/ticket, it’s easily worth it.
The play itself was very enjoyable. I didn’t really know what to expect, but what I saw was a certain amount of fun. Sure, it’s no Broadway(not that I would know) but for local culture, it’s right up there.

Sunday: Mostly lazy. At least for me. The GF (let’s call her T) did some homework while I watched TV and stayed out of her hair. Then we had pizza.

The rest of the week looks to be about the same as last, with the exception of V-Day(no, I’m not calling it VD) on Wednesday.

Oh, Ghost Rider is out on Friday ^_^


  1. briar_rose2

    Did you tell Scott you wanted to start playing that again? I’m trying to get him to cancel it and every time I do he has some excuse not to. Don’t enable him!

  2. sidekickca

    Yea…that might have been me.


    Congratz on the house BTW ^_^


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