Weekend Update


Friday was sorta eventful.
I bought a new digicam, the Canon PowerShot SD630. It’s a little cheaper when you go to Costco than if you buy online.
But it came with a second battery, which is cool.
Nice little jobbie, big screen, some great pics too.
Fun fun fun.

Also, I am filled with joy and sadness.
I picked up the DVD for The Amazing Screw On Head.
Joy because I have it on DVD now(woot), sadness because it’s a single episode, which means no one picked up the series.
Oh well, what’s there is pretty cool.

Since the dog has been running free, I decided to pick up some snow fence at Home Depot.
While I was there, I also found all their chain link stuff. I could have sworn I was up and down every aisle looking for that stuff, and didn’t fine it.
Apparently, I wasn’t down *this* aisle.
Looks like I can do the whole fence for less than $400, which is cool.
However, once I got home I noticed something, all this cold has frozen the ground.
In all honesty, I knew this would happen, I just didn’t realize how firm frozen ground really is.
I have a plan to thaw it, and we’ll see how well that works.

Then I had dinner and a date with T. She made baked spaghetti, which was awesome. Then we watched Hitched.
I was surprised to see Eva Mendes in it. Surprised since she’s a decent actress. She didn’t show it in Ghost Rider.

Sunday was a little more lazy. T and I went grocery shopping(for her) and then I watched House.
Dinner with the folks. Then Battlestar.

Today, well, I work from home, so that means I get to try my ground thawing idea.
Wish me luck ^_^

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