Weekend Update

Had Shayne and his clan over for most of last week.
It was a good time. The kids are cute, and they loved the dog. The dog also loved them ^_^
I was really interested to see how she would react, and I think she did well enough.
Also worked from home most of last week. This leads me to another thought: working from home more than from the office.
See, the dudes in Cali do this. They work in the office twice a week, and from home for the rest.
I would like this, and here’s the catch, if work was busier!
I know, why would I want it to be busier?
Simple; I feel like a slacker working from home. It’s a weird ‘sudo work ethic’ thing. If I’m not busy, and I’m working from home, then I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything, and just taking a mini-vacation while still being on the clock.
In my mind, it just doesn’t work. I’d rather be not busy at work than not busy at home.
At least sitting in the office I feel that I’m accomplishing something.
It’s odd, and I’d be the first person to admit it, but that’s just the way it is.
If I was working the majority of the time, then I would love to work from home more often.
Hanging out in a robe and Godzilla slippers would rock. I can’t really do that in the office.
Anyway, that’s not really a weekend update, so back to that.

They buggered off Saturday morning. The girls didn’t want to leave the dog, and I don’t think dog wanted them to leave. It was cute and sad all at the same time.
Then the planning for Saturday began. Because of snow problems, Mike and AJ couldn’t make the trip up.
I then called around to the Irish type pubs. IT was standing room only.
At lunch.
In the back of my mind, I knew that would be the case, but it never hurts to try.
Then I called around to see what people were up to, and tried to arrange something.
That took a few hours.
I don’t know why I always nominate myself as the ‘party coordinator’ because I hate it. 😛
But in the end, it all got sorted out.
Then I had a nap. Mostly not useful.

Picked up Tara and wandered down to the bar. It’s the first time she’s met everyone(well, almost everyone) so it was probably a little nerve wracking.
It all worked out. I knew it would.
Had a few Guinness and then we all went back to my place to play Guitar Hero. I think I sold the game to a few people, especially who should get it for the 360.

Sunday was a lot more lazy. Tried to watch some anime, failed.
Wandered to the PC to do something, forgot what, then got a call from the folks to tell me that my nephew was over, and I should leave the dog at home.
Oh, and to pick up some chicken.
Dinner was kinda interesting.
See, my brother has two mini-dachshunds. A black one and a red(ish) one.
For the past couple of years, the black one seems to have some kind of weird aggression problem, where the red one just kinda chilled.
They were worried about the baby and the black dog, but apparently it’s the other way around. It appears that the black dog has virtually no interest in the baby, while the red dog is totally frantic about the whole situation. Weird.

And then I watched BattleStar and wandered off to bed. Wait, I set up a playlist for tonight, *then* went to bed.

Now, I’m at work.

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