Weekend Update

Looks like I forgot to actually hit Post on this entry.
Pretend it’s Monday…


First things first; who the hell ordered all the snow!?!?!

While Tara is out of town I find myself with a lack of things to do.
So I did nothing.

Saturday I wandered over to CanadianTire to pick up a jack and axle stands. Because I could use these kinds of things, and it was $40 for the set.
I might pop a tire off tonight to see how bad my breaks really are. With any luck it’s just the pads.
Knowing my luck, I’ll need new disks. But we’ll see how that goes.

The rest of the day was spent playing Mark of Kri. I forgot how fun a PS2 is. Too bad I’m really late to the system, and all the good games are hard to find.
Soul Caliber 3 is also fun. Not much beyond 2, but it was $15. Also, I picked up Zeonic Front. Woohoo, a Gundam game!
But Mark of Kri is really fun. Well animated, well thought out story and design. It has a sequal, and I might pick that up for kicks one day.
Also have the Taito Legends collection. I got it for Elevator Action really. That could keep me amused for a little while.

Saturday night was Grindhouse. I suspect you know my thoughts about that already.
This time around I decided to pack my own snacks though.
Went on a bit of a fools errand to try and find something better for me than popcorn.
Turns out the answer is Pretzels. Rold Gold to be exact.
Not that they’re good for me, just better than popcorn.
And at $5, I got a big bag and two one-litre drinks.

Woke up late. Talked to Tara who woke up early(7:30 her time is when she called).
Since I woke up late really didn’t do much with the day.
Watched the latest Dr. Who and the confidential.
Good ep, but a little far fetched even for Who.
Also, didn’t go to my folks place for dinner as they were both out enjoying life.
So I played City of Heroes.
, I’m up to 20 now.
Did one task force, which lasted MUCH longer than I had hoped(5 hours) but I did get three levels out of it, and a new costume.
Still have the bunny ears though.

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