Weekend Update, Monday Edition!

I’m tired.

Friday was Ghost Rider, and that went, well, read for yourself.

Saturday was a total waste of a day. Well, mostly I guess.
I got two levels in COH, all from one mission(from 8-10, you guess the mish :P) then watched about 7 episodes of House.
I wandered over to Ts at around midnight, because I’m kinda foolish that way.

Sunday was my brothers Birthday brunch, which was great. Pancakes and eggs, ham and melons.
Then home for more House.
And COH, but I did really poorly, died twice(yea, now I get XP Debt) and walked away from it. Some days are better than others.
Then some more House.
Had dinner with a whole host of people; , , , and .
Tai food. Apparently the medium curry was *very* medium ^_^
I had the Exotic Noodle, which, really, didn’t look all that exotic. Should have had the curry.

That’s about it I guess.

Looking forward:
Dinner with Ts cousin
Wedding Reception for Ts friend(I should buy an iron or something)

Guess that’s it for now.

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