Weekend Update

Hey Hey!

I think I’ve settled on the new look.
But I’m also thinking of going into the code to change it a bit.
or maybe not.


Mike and AJ were up for Saturday night. We all went out to drink and eat and a good time was had by all.
They both liked the dog, but it’s hard not to. She’s just too cute ^_^

Didn’t do much Sunday other than try to recover. It always seems nice and easy when I’m drinking, but the morning after always takes me by surprise.
Had brunch with a bunch of AJs family, and since it was paid for, it was all good.

Watched the first season of “Spaced” which was written by and stared Simon Pegg, probably better known as Sean.
Well, at least to me.
It’s an alright show, and at times really funny. I have both seasons downloaded and I’ll probably watch the second tonight, unless of course my busy social life get’s in the way.

My investment stuff starts next pay cheque. I’m also getting a life insurance policy so that I can drop the mortgage insurance. After she explained it to me, it made sense.

GaoGaiGar should be shipping this week, and the new Iron Maiden CD is also out tomorrow.
Double Woot!

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