Weekend Updates

As mentioned in a twitter update(which is like cheating for NaBloPoMo, but meh) Tara and I went bowling with our youth group on Friday.

We had a good turn out, and I think there was equal numbers youth and, well, not youth. The minister kicked our butt, and Tara and I bowled terribly.

But in reality, we just let them win…yea, let them win….

We also got to drive three of the girls to and from the bowling ally, and to anyone that ever had sisters growing up, I feel your pain.

Teenage girls gathered in groups is a surreal experience.

But it was a good night 🙂

Saturday we headed down to Cornwall to have dinner with Tara’s cousin and then, you guessed it, go bowling.

Tara broke 100, and I….didn’t.

But again, it was a good night 🙂

Sunday was an early day, and we actually managed to attend church. I think it’s the third time this year, or at least it feels that way.

9:30 is just early on a Sunday.

Didn’t really do much else that day, or at least nothing that comes to mind.

Sunday evening was spent at my folks place for my Dad’s birthday dinner. Which isn’t a full month late, but it’s close.

That’s the problem trying to coordinate three different families.  But the dinner was excellent as was the company 🙂

And, during dinner, our busy social life came up.

Seems that November is a very busy month for Tara and I. We actually have three events to attend, but we found out they were all the same night 🙁

The end result was that it was my fault for giving a wrong date to Tara(of which I kinda fought back on, kinda) and it was all in good fun, but we needed to sort it out.

Weeeellll…later that night Tara told me that she got one of the dates wrong, and we’re able to attend 2 out of three events(yes, two still are on the same night) but it’s the events we want to attend.

The only reason I point this out is that it’s rare that I’m actually right, so I have to celebrate the small victories 😉

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