Weekend was good.
Had some folks over Sunday, sadly not everyone could make it.
Apparently Scott is allergic to the sun, but that’s what happens when you spend all day playing video games 😛
This is the BBQ, and yes, it is indoors.
Not to say that I used it indoors, but I needed to assemble it indoors.

We watched FF7:AC, which put everyone to sleep(Doug started to snore even), so that’s the last time I do something like that ^_^

And for kicks, here’s a picture of my brother.
Camera phones are fun.

AN this weekend, so that’ll be fun. Somehow that reminds me, I really have to pay my phone bill this week….


  1. flying_squirrel

    Yeah, Advent Children didn’t do a lot for me, either. I guess you have to have played the game. Or like boys. Or something.

    Uh… I suppose I haven’t seen your brother in person since he was in highschool… But holy crap! He didn’t used to look like you, did he? Maybe it’s just that particular expression…

  2. sidekickca

    A lot of people are saying we look alike, and I have to admit that the expression doesn’t help any ^_^
    We also sound alike on the phone, which means we sound like our Dad, which is fun on occasion.

  3. olletho

    The nearly black hair would throw people right off I think. But yeah that is definitly one of what I think of as your expressions. Similar nose too.


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