Wow, when it rains it pours, and this weekend it rained just as much as the week.
Wait, none of that is making sense, maybe I’m still recovering.

Over the weekend I popped down to Kingston to visit peoples, and we all went out on the town.
It ended badly, but up until that point it was a really good evening. Honestly, really good.
I think there are some hurt feelings and people feeling bad as a result of Saturday night, but I’m sure it’ll figure itself out. After all, shit does happen(and no, it doesn’t actually involve shit…I don’t think…)
I won’t comment further as I really don’t know what started it all.

Sunday, it rained, but I have new wipers right?
Well, at one point I had one new wiper, and let me tell you, nothing wakes you up faster than the metal wiper arm screeching on glass.
So the rest of the trip(which thankfully wasn’t that long) was spent assuming shapes outside the windscreen.
Then I did some crazy ass stunt on the highway(I must have been in NFS mode or something) which I really don’t want to repeat, but at least I pulled it off.

I even had to do some work Sunday evening and wander into the office to email it out.
And for some reason, all the Chinese food places were super busy.

So yea, I’m going to keep my head low this week and see if I can make a run for the long weekend.

Wait, there was a ray of sunshine, I’m all up to date on Dr. Who. Cybermen! ^_^

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