Welcome to your Friday

I’ll be your host, Sidekick.
Good God, didn’t get ANY sleep last night!
Well, any isn’t the right word, but I sure as hell didn’t get enough. The last time I looked it was 4am, and my alarm went off at 7am, so doing the math I got….A PISS POOR AMOUNT OF SLEEP!
But I’m not grumpy.
But I did find out something interesting last night. I can record DVD movies using my set-top dvd player running through my camcorder plugged into my computer. Yup, I’m THIS close to pirating movies!
Not really, but it might allow me to get back into the video editing scene that I was so breifly in, liked, and stopped suddenly.
In other news; I bought a used copy of Crash Bandicoot and it doesn’t seem to work. Can’t even copy it. So I’ll try it at Dougs on his PS2 and see if it works there. If not, I’ll try and find the receipt, return to the store and do some complaining. I don’t want my money back or store credit, I just want a game that works.
In other other news; I have an ‘interview’ today at Manpower(HR company) that should lead to an interview(note the lack of quotes) with Adobe! Aparently Adobe expressed interest in having an interview with me, so it looks promising. Now I just have to convince myself that Testing is the way to go. I think I came to that conclusion last night, and I can honestly say that I don’t hate testing. In fact, I think I can really excel at it and make it my bitch.
In final news, it’s cold.

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