Well, so much for that….

OK, so I sais to myself:
“Hey, you live close to work, why the hell not bike in the summer? It’s close enough, it’s not like you couldn’t use the exercise?”
I think, Hey, that’s a great idea!
So I work up to it by biking to and from work at night, just to get the legs back.
Then, today, the first day.
I drag my butt outa bed, get some shorts, a decent shirt, and bike to work.
Not too bad, mind you it’s freaking hot, but livable.
I work all day, and at the end of the day I get back into my biking gear, make it about 40 seconds from work, and (warning, kinda gross) this and this happen!
I tell you, those curbs are bitches!
This is another shot of the same tire.

Apparently I wasn’t meant to bike from work.
Biking to, no problem, biking from, whole other issue.

But I will get the tire replaced, and soon I’ll try this stunt again.
Well, maybe not the same stunt, but the stunt of returning home….

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