What’s old is new again

Thanks to the internet archives, I’ve found some old posts from 2000 and 2001.

To sorta celebrate, I’ve changed the site’s look so that it more resembles mechaknight.com way back in the day.

Way back then, the ‘blog’ was just one long index.html file that I would just edit the top of and resave. And the main tag was:

As a type of introduction, this is my little personal space that I use to display my Gundam Models(if/when I get them done), my musical interests, stuff that takes place in my life, road trips(AX 2001 being the big one), and just random rants.
So, I hope you enjoy it and come back often ^_^

It’s really too bad that I did something really stupid and lost all the posts from the 2001 road trip. Crosswinds deleted my account rather suddenly when I tried to upload zip files to an application that I wanted to take home. See, you can’t do that, so they just pulled the plug, no warning. It was a free account so they could do that kind of thing, but because of that there’s a lot missing. The internet archive didn’t catch it all, which is a shame.

So head on over to the archives, between 2000 and 2001, and read in the goodness 😀

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