When hard drives loose weight

So my 300gig sata drive lost it’s File Allocation Table.
Yea, just decided that it didn’t want to be there anymore.
Wish I could loose fat that quickly.

So I recovered all the important bits. All but 4 pictures. Not so bad.
Then formatted the drive, rebooted, and it sorta kinda wanted to work.
Then it stopped working, and no longer saw the drive.
Now, at this point it could be a few things:
1. Windows no longer wants to talk to the drive
2. The drive died
3. The cable is pooched
4. The sata connector is pooched

But even after disconnecting the drive, the system is still slow in some areas.
Not all, and that’s annoying.
I mean, if it was slow everywhere, then that’s one thing.
But it’s fastish at opening apps. Slow at opening pictures.
Slow at opening the windows explorer(but faster now that the other drive is disconnected).

Since I had a really good review from my boss, I decided to order a new system.
It’s been something I’ve been grumbling about for a little while(just ask Tara), so I finally did it.

And to be fair, my hardware is reaching the 4-5 year mark, so it’s time really.
Well, parts are 4, parts are 5, and maybe that’s a problem as well 🙂
Almost better to start from scratch.

I admit that the system is geared towards gaming, as that’s what I mostly do with it.
So why not just buy an xbox or something?
Well, I do use this for other things.
Things that(I don’t think) you can do on an xbox(yet).
And it’s easier for me to justify a PC than a console.

Why not put that money towards the new car?
Well, if I add the $1000 to the down payment, it reduces the overall payments by $1200. And minus the $1000 I already spent, that’s $200.
Over 5 years.
Not worth it to me.

So yes, I’ve actually thought about this.
Hummed and hawed about it.
This is something I’ve been trying to do more often. Less impulse and more thinking.
But I think today was just the breaking point.

And I actually shopped around for it.
I saw the system that I wanted on Tigerdirect, and was about to buy.
Then I looked local.
While not everything was cheaper, it was cheaper overall as there’s no shipping.
That, and it’s local. If something doesn’t work, I don’t have to ship it back, wait, and have them tell me it’s out of stock, etc.
So I like local.

So in awhile, I’ll have a fast new gaming rig.
Not top of the line, but I don’t feel like spending top of the line money.
I did that once. For a video card. Not again.

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  1. thinkschematwo

    That first paragraph is gold! 🙂

    Sorry to hear that the machine gave out.

    I found that I seemed to have a knack for tinkering machines into oblivion… Okay, just into getting them to behave weirdly… so, I decided a while back just to buy a good enough box to live out a reasonable lifespan (without feeling the need to add things).

    It seems to have worked so far.

    Best of luck with the new machine!


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