When it rains….

Took the car in to see about getting it fixed(not the rust, the door and e-brake).
They found some other stuff.
The rear breaks need servicing, apparently the cable is doing something wonkey and causing them to stick.
This could be related to the ebreak, so that makes sense to me. Not to mention that the breaks haven’t been touched for over three years. I figure they’re due.
The exhaust is broken. I knew that. Well, I knew part of that. I assumed that it was just a hole in the muffler.
Turns out the pipe between the cat and the muffler is actually broken off.
Conceivably, I could fix/replace this myself. They told me that all they were going to do is replace the pipe with brackets.
If I can get under the car in the right place, and the pipe is straight, then I’m sure I can do this.
With a little help of course ^_^
So, if I get them to do everything, it’ll cost about $750.
I could save about $200(I think) if I did the exhaust myself. Well, minus whatever it costs me for the pipe and clamps.
But I’m sure Canadian Tire has the stuff that I need.
I have to check it out this weekend.
Stupid car.

At least I got my Voltron DVD set.
Wait, something else to pay for….

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