White man looking for job

I have to talk about racial quotas for a moment here. It’s something that’s been on my chest for a little while now and it pops up every now and again to slap me in the face. So here goes:
I don’t like the idea of racial quotas. It sounds like a nice polite way of being racist. When you apply for a government position they ask questions about your sex and ‘visible minority’ status, not to mention whether or not you have obvious disabilities. So it now appears to me that in order to get a job with our lovely government, I have to be a female albino Inuit midget missing one arm and one leg. I may be a lot of things, but I’m not that. It also makes me think that I should lie on the online applications stating that I am part of a visible minority with a disability. It might get me an interview. Mind you, that interview will probably be for about two minutes before they realize that I’m not what I said I am. But then I’m sure I can sue for discrimination. Not that I would, because that would cost money, and that’s still something that I don’t have.
After saying all that, I’m all for EVERYONE having a job that they like or at least get paid a decent amount of money with, but I don’t think that this is the way to go. People should be hired on a skills basis, not a skin colour basis.
Now it’ll be said that it gives people opportunities that they might not have had before. Excellent, but is this the only way to do it? Why not open up schools to allow people who can’t normally go to school get a good education? Now that alone won’t perfectly work either, so there needs to be other initiatives, but simply hiring people because of the colour of their skin doesn’t work.
The government has a quota, 1 in 5 people must be a visible minority. Doesn’t sound so bad. But what if I said that I had a company and our quota was 1 in 5 people HAD to be white. That’s racism. But what’s the difference? People like to hear that visible minorities are getting government jobs. I like to hear it too, but a quota? No.Now, after reading all that you think I might be missing the point somewhere, please fill me in. But that’s how I see it, and I’ve been known to be wrong before.


  1. aelfric the WASP

    You forgot lesbian and retarded. You would have to be a female albino retarded lesbian inuit midget missing one arm one leg and with acute halitosis. Then maybe you’d get hired.But not by me. I don’t hire no steenkin’ coders 😉

  2. Matt

    Just for your information. They jobs that they give to the minorites are jobs that would not exist usually basically they are created for these dam people to give them something to do. I hate the system, they should spend this money on me


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