Since I’m going to do a real post everyday for a month, I should start out by saying why I blog in the first place.
I don’t know.
I’ve been doing it for so long and I know why I started, but I’m not sure why I continue.
The reason I started was to keep in touch with people. Why not send an email you ask?
Easy, I’m lazy.
Why send an email, saying the same thing to a dozen different people? Why not just write it once and be done with it?
That’s why I started my website.
Well, that’s why I started ‘a’ website.
My first website goes back to college, and it was terrible.
But remember that was the earlyish days of the public internet, and no one but paid pros knew html very well.
That’s why noobs like me used Netscape Gold. It had all the usual things; animated gifs, dead links and flashing text.
That, and it was a geocities account.
The initial Geocities was awful, and you had to remember the main URL, the ‘city’. then street, then your actual address.
Not exactly intuitive. Hell, I think most URLs were like that, and I had to really rely on bookmarks.
I wonder if it’s still there? I’ve been meaning to look for that. Well, as of yesterday that is.
Over the years I got a little better at HTML and dropped all the useless stuff.
That, and I kept moving around the site. It did make it hard for people to follow some times.
The main reason I moved things around was also simple; I kept forgetting where things were or what the passwords were.
I think the next major site was Crosswinds, but we had our differences. Yea, I broke the TOS, and the dropped my site like a hot potato.
Really wished I had backed that up. I had at least a year or two of blogish entries that were good.
Then I snagged a domain(good old mechaknight) and made my own page.
This was really cool since I could do whatever the hell I wanted.
And it almost hardly got hacked ^_^
I was able to create a rather good blog site, complete with comments, forum and pictures.
Then…you know, I can’t remember what I did with that site. I think I took it down due to a hack, and then never got around to putting it back up again.
Now, I’m on LiveJournal, and I think this is the best site evar! It has everything I need; blog software, pics, comments, and the lack of forum is no biggie since it was hardly used.
Where was I?
Oh yea; why?I think it’s that I still want to keep in touch with people, and I’m still lazy, so this is the best way to do things.
It makes me feel that they’re still hanging out with me; I’m still telling them random dumb little things, and some of them ignore me, just like old times 😛

There, that’s my 500. ish. I think it’s a little over, but that’s fine.
It rambled a little there in the middle, but hopefully I’ll get better at this.
Or, it will get much, much worse 😛

Now here’s where you come in. I need topics.
I have a few that I’ll be going through, but I’m short about….25. Hey, I didn’t say I had a lot.
So, post any topics that you want me to talk about. Keep it clean, everyone reads this.

Until tomorrow…talk amongst yourselves.

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