Why is it that when I have no money, or money tied up in something else, or money that I could spend but really shoudn’t, why during all this, does the Canadian dollar rise and makes things in the States kinda cheap?
Like anime?
I saw the first three G-Gundam box sets going for just under $50/each…that’s about $20-25 cheaper than amazon.ca or most other Canadian sites.
I mean, I could just wait till May and save my money and get all my anime at Anime North(BTW, Darcy, still going?), but that’s SO LONG FROM NOW!
Not that I’d watch it anyway. I’ve already seen it, but it would be nice to have proper subs.
And other anime that I would watch, or at least say I would, or at least it would make me feel better having…

I suck.

I do want the rest of Excel Saga, and it seems that the prices at FuturrShop aren’t bad for that.
Not that I have the money right now.
Well, I do, but I shouldn’t.
Which means I probably will.

See above.

OK, so one of the animes that I watched during the all-night anime thing was a weird little one, very short, but I want it and everything like it.
It’s the kind of stuff that makes me go back to anime. And keeps me there to watch other cool stuff.
OK, here’s the plot:
Two girls are sitting in class, in a row, and the one behind is hating the one in front, but then get’s hipnotized by her pig-tails, then the pig-tails fall off, so the one behind(we’ll call her B) goes around looking for them, meanwhile the one in front(A) turns into a little zombie girl, wondering where her pigtails went, as they go flying out of the school window and into the parking lot. A goes after them, B is all worried, and then it’s all a dream.
Trust me, at 2am this ROCKS!
It’s something like ‘the shortest movie’ so if someone knows, please tell me, I need it.
It was about 5 minutes long, and I loved every second of it.

At work right now, and everything has gone to shit.
They redid the entire network, now people(like myself) don’t have access to stuff they used to have access to, can’t add computers to the domain(and everytime you re-image a computer, which QA does A LOT, you have to re-add it to the domain, which means you have to call tech-support, which will get around to it eventually), and the internet is slow as hell.
I want to be at home playing Neverwinter. I made a female Ranger, a first for me. I suspect my alignment will be shifting any moment now since everything you do that’s slightly bad will cause a minor shift in alignment, like breaking doors/chests/stuff, looting, all the fun stuff that adventurers do.
And Temple of Elemental Evil is cool and all, just a little slow to get going. It’s a big departure from Neverwinter, which is more arcade like, TOEE is very much a pen-paper system turned into a game. There’s a lot of talking, moving about, killing of chickens(harder than you think), and not too much combat. Unless you make your own, which I did, and I hope that I didn’t kill anyone that might be important later on. That would suck. But he was RICH!
I’m still liking the idea of turn-based party combat, but I can see where it might slow things up against a weak enemy. Oh well, what ya gonna do?
I admit that it’s not holding my interest as much as Neverwinter, but I think that’s more my fault that its.

In the coming weeks I’ll be implimenting a sort of archive viewer thingy. I have the main code done I just don’t have archives for you to view. The difference that it will have over traversing through the Forum is that it will include stuff that’s pre-Forum. Won’t that be neat?
Yea, well, it kept me busy.

All for now I guess….

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