Windows Client is better

OK, so on the advice of I’m trying a windows client, and boy howdy does it rock so much harder than the WebUI one.

He did state that it was a little clunky, but so far, it’s far better than the alternitive. I’m using Semagic.

I was about to say, that using the client also allows me to post from work, but then again, the web one would have done that also, so this entire sentence is useless ^_^

I’ve been poking around the pay users section to see if there’s anything that I really want to pay for, and so far, not so much. The phone blogs would have been cool, but they’re all in the States and that’s long distance. International Long Distance. On a cell phone no less.
Not so good.

However, it would be interesting to see the other designes that I could use. I’m not overly happy with the one that I have, but it works for now. I like that I can changed it virtually on the fly. Funky.

Today starts support on the new product. Actually, it’s not new, or new to me for that matter, but I do switch to it full-time today.
See, my team has been supporting three different products for about a year now, and it’s only been since the new year that we’ve had three people on the team. And working for a large company, three people supporting three products is a little stupid. But we manage.
We complained and bitched about the other one(the one I’m working on now) because we never received any real training on it, and everytime we asked for it, there was never any money for it.
That, and it really took up a lot of time to support, so each of us were doing two full-time jobs in one 8 hour time slot. Not overly useful.
But now I’m doing the one product all on my own, without having to worry about new problems from other products, and I think it’ll be much easier and manageable.
At least I hope it will be.

Anyway, I probably should call someone back, it’s my job afterall ^_^


  1. flying_squirrel

    Some of my friends go crazy with fancy layouts, but I don’t see the appeal, personally. I took a (brief) look at the custom layout stuff and it looks kind of annoying. So long as my friend page is nice and legible, I’m happy. Most people aren’t looking at your layout anyway.

  2. sidekickca

    At the moment, my current layout doesn’t make me want to vomit, and I can do bascially everything in one happy space, so it’s all good.
    I even like the colours ^_^


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