OK, back in business!Mandrake 9.0 is installed, a few updates are installed, the page has been sorta restored, and I’M DONE!Sorry about the ‘white page’ site that happened, but it happens ^_^
And another thanks to Matt for actually having cache, again, Netscape sucks for that.Oh, and the Rant Archive IS actually updated. I’ve added A LOT of stuff that I found online.
Read it.
It’s good for you ^_^


  1. matt

    I’ll second the welcome back! 🙂
    Yeah, the Mozilla cache is pretty much the same thing. Opera and Konquerer are much nicer to navigate.
    Just a note… v15 now displays just fine in Mozilla… quite odd really… (I’d ask if anything changed, but… )
    Off to read the rants… 🙂

  2. aelfric returned

    Well I didn’t get to see most of this tomfoolery as I was off on a field trip with the Grade 9s. But I’m back now and glad to see mechaknight back in business.And I want more naps, god damn it. I realize this site can’t help with that, but it’s just a matter of principle.


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