Hey there one and all, I’ve stopped procrastinating and FINALLY put the new version of the page online!
Let me tell you, I’m happy with it….for now ^_^
If you will notice in the upper right hand side, I’ve added a version number, 13a. Why?
Good question. I’ve decided I’m going to maintain some sort of versioning on this page, and I had to start somewhere. 13a seemed like good a place as any.
With the facelife, I’ve made some changes that won’t be readily apparent. All the pages are in fact PHP documents which let me do neat things with navigation and borders and the like. Makes my life easier.
You might also notice that SOME of the navigation links on the left side appear to be buttons, well, that’s all part of the magic of PHP.
I have it set up that if certain documents have been updated in the last 5 days, you’ll know! Just follow the button looking things and that’ll get you to the updated page. NEAT EH?!?!?!
Right now, most of the links look that way. They really aren’t all that new, but I have to start somewhere.
What else….
New pictures for all the main sections and some sub-sections. I’ve been downloading a lot of fonts lately and just playing with them.
So have a look around and let me know what you think.
Regular visitors won’t notice much of a change in content, but I think it looks better, and it’s easier to maintain.
So enjoy ^_^

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