What is it with Thursdays?
All the bad shit at work happens on Thursdays.
Apparently the world is just about to end and it’s up to me to save it, on Thursdays.

This morning, get an email; system down, all hell breaking loose. woot.
Oh yea, I’m supposed to be in training all week, and I’ve managed to pay attention to half of it. double woot.
Well, after going around and around in circles, apparently the problem solved itself. I rock!
Oh, and I didn’t have to stay late. I am the ROXOR!

This weekend, or at least part there of, I’ll be popping over to a sleepy little town to visit friends.
Next weekend, same thing. Not the exact same thing, but really similar. Probably more house work to do ^_^

I’ve been reading Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spiderman. They both rock.

Also picked up Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead, and that concludes the collection.
I might actually watch them all one day. One long, boring day ^_^

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