You have chosen, 9 Iron

Golfing first thing in the morning should be left to those that truly love the game.
I don’t hate the game, I just suck ass at it.
I suppose it would help if I played more than, oh, once every three years.
Mind you, I’ve been out twice this year. Within a month even.
That’s a little much for me at the moment. The plan was also to go out before the wedding, but I think my brother will be too busy (so happy).

I think though that, with the feeling in my back, arms and legs, I might head out to the driving range on a more regular basis.
Not play full on golf, but just hit a bucket of balls once a week.
It’s decent exercise. It’s not the same kind of exercise as jogging or biking, but it’s also not jogging or biking.
It was cold and rather wet at 8:10 as I was standing there, all confused like, wonder why I wasn’t asleep. But for the most part the day went well. We played best ball, which is good, because otherwise I’d still be out there.

And the rest of the day was spent wondering if I was tired, and if I was, what I was going to do about it.
I kind of slept while watching TV, at least, I think I did.
Hard to say really, my brain just wasn’t working properly this afternoon. Too much sun maybe.
And it feels like I got a little too much sun, but it doesn’t look like it. That could be bad.

Tonight will be spent in the usual fashion. I will go rent some movies, hang out with Doug and watch said movies.
No offense to Doug, I need a life. But he would be the first person to agree with me ^_^

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