Zoinks and Away

It’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be jetting off to China early next month.
One of the other people that should be going has to get approval from his wife(sorta, as she has to switch shifts, and hospital shifts aren’t easy to switch), so it’s looking like I’m gonna go.
Now, with any luck I might be able to bugger off to Japan for a week while I’m down there. See, flying to Tokyo from China will be a whole lot cheaper than flying from Ottawa ^_^
I just have to see if the travel dudes will let me do that kind of thing.
If not…well, at least I get to go to China ^_^

I’m both excited and kinda bummed about going to China. It means that I get to go(and that’s cool) but I have to put off buying a dog, and that’s kinda sucky.
But I can buy a dog at anytime, I can’t always go to China.

I should go find my passport….


  1. flying_squirrel

    Congratulations. You’re the third person on my friends list to announce a trip to China in the last week.

    Holy crap! Who *isn’t* going to China? And, more to the point, when do *I* get to go to China?

  2. sidekickca

    It seems to be the in thing these days ^_^

    I’m more excited about the prospect of going to Japan, but then I would be ^_^

  3. harempresident

    C’mon everyone’s doing it! Succumb to peer pressure!


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