ZombiFest 2004

OK, so this is the third attempt at writing this.
For some reason, FireFox has been crashing on me. Mind you, Explorer has been doing it too, so I might just need a re-install of Windows.
It has been awhile now….

We had the Halloween party at our place again this year, mostly because Jim and I are lazy and it’s just easier to have it here.
IT was the usual crowd; Jim, Doug, Scott, Jen and myself.
Three of the five of us were zombies of one sort or another. I was the average everyday zombie, the kind you might run into at the mall.
Doug was the Zombie Jesus, and he did a fine job of that. Thorny crown and everything ^_^
And Jim, well, Jim was the zombie Chris Reeves. Most inapropriate costume ever….maybe not ever. We did have a couple more ideas flying by, like dressing up as the twin towers and airplanes….

We played a cool little board game called, wait for it, Zombies!
It was great! The first round went pretty quickly, but then the booze hit, and people started getting vendictive.
The second round lasted HOURS, but finally Doug won with some smart card choices, and generally not pissing anyone off ^_^
All in all, a very fine evening.

Had the day off today. Watched The Thing, cleaned some hard drive space, backed some stuff up, and generally wasted the day.
I’m finally getting my leather jacket fixed, and I think it’s going to cost me a whopping $9. If I had known that, I would have done this a long time ago.

I’ve been watching a lot of poker lately on various channels. I don’t know why, but it’s just interesting to see how people actually play when there’s a lot of money on the line. It’s great because half the time, the person with the worst hand ever, they win the whole damn thing.
It’s just really interesting to watch.
It made Jim and I think about having a poker night at the house. Nothing big, just penny poker, low raise limits, that sort of thing. Just something to try and have fun with. Something different.
I should probably learn how to play though ^_^
Oh, the Halloween pics are up as well.

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